Pollock Roe Stew (Al tang)Jjigae finished in potSpicy Pollock Roe Stew (Al Tang or Al Jjigae) is a wonderful hearty spicy fish egg stew that is bursting with flavors of the sea while having that unique mix of Korean flavors that are hard to tell what’s in it but it just tastes really really good. This is a dish that’s hard to replicate and have the same flavor every time unless you have a recipe. 

pollock roe stew or al tang in pot with a ladle
Spicy Pollock Roe Stew (Al Tang) in Pot

Or…you have made it all your life and have perfected making Al Tang with no recipe. Another one of my husband’s favorite stew, he actually requests this spicy pollock roe stew every now and then. And in the past, I have made it but was never 100% satisfied with the outcome. Because you see..I did not grow up with this dish and was not part of our family’s regular menu.

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Spicy Pollock Roe Stew (Al Tang or Al Jjigae)