Purple Rice close up in green ceramic rice bowlKorean Purple Rice usually refers to Korean rice that is cooked with black rice which gives it the pretty purple color. Besides giving the rice this beautiful purple hue, black rice adds extra nutty flavor and has great health benefits.

Korean purple rice in bowl with silver spoon and chopsticks
Korean Purple Rice (HeukmiBap) or Black Rice

What is Korean purple rice?

Korean purple rice is when black rice (aka forbidden rice) is cooked with white rice which then results in a purple color overall and thus called “purple rice” by many. It is actually not a direct translation but is something that just caught on with people.

NOTE – people may also confuse purple rice with what Koreans call Japgokbap (잡곡밥) which is multi-grain rice. This rice also has similar purple color but includes not just the black rice but other grains and beans like red and black beans, sorghum, garbanzo beans and millet.

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Korean Purple Rice or Black Rice (Heukmi Bap)