10 Korean Pancakes Savory to Sweet

Best Korean pancakes from savory to sweet, featuring classic Korean flavors and ingredients like kimchi, gochujang, chive, and buckwheat. Enjoy them for breakfast, as side dishes to any meals, or as snacks. 

10 Korean Pancakes Savory to Sweet
10 Korean Pancakes from Savory to Sweet
10 Best Korean pancakes for you to enjoy any time of the day. These are some of my favorites to whip up as banchan, as snacks or appetizer or even as something to enjoy with Korean makgeolli. When you need just one more banchan for dinner, try making one of the savory pancakes below.

I’ve added the time and quick list of ingredients so you can quickly choose which one to make. First, a little note about the names. What Koreans know as “jeon 전”, “buchimgae 부침개” or “tteok 떡” are commonly translated as “pancake” in English, although each word has some differences.

Jeon means anything that is coated in flour and egg then pan-fried in oil. Buchimgae refers to what can be called as fritters; they usually are mixed batters that are spread out like pancakes and pan-fried in oil. Tteok usually refers to rice cakes but in some instances, although a few, they are used to refer to similar dishes to Buchimgae such as in Bindaetteok and Jangtteok.

In a typical Korean pancake recipe, the main ingredient is generously spotlighted to allow the flavor to take center stage. For example, there’s the kimchi pancake, chive pancake, mung bean pancake, and gochujang pancake. You get the idea! These pancakes are served as side dishes in a meal, and are also popular as snacks, usually with makgeolli.

These Korean pancakes are unlike the classic Western breakfast pancake that you might have in mind. Many of them are savory but I also have a couple of sweet recipes that will change up your usual pancake routine. Try them all from the collection below!!

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10 Best Korean Pancakes